Sunday, 10 February 2013

Conceding Late Goals... Seemingly A Thing of The Past

I am fed up listening to lazy commentators and journo's still banging on about our susceptibility to conceding goals in the last 10 minutes of games... A problem we had early in the season, one that AVB said he would deal with... safe to say, he certainly seems to have "dealt with the problem"

Well, as has just been pointed out to me... 

Since the debacle at Goodison Park in December (those 2 late goals causing our only defeat in 14 PL games), we have not only not conceded a goal in the last 10 minutes of a game, we have NOT EVEN CONCEDED A GOAL IN THE 2nd HALF OF A PL GAME!!!!!!!! 

Sunderland (40th minute) went 1-0 down, WON 2-1 
* Reading (4th minute) went 1-0 down, WON 3-1 
Man Utd (25th minute) went 1-0 down, DREW 1-1 
Norwich (32nd minute) went 1-0 down, DREW 1-1 
Newcastle (24th minute) pulled back to 1-1, WON 2-1 

10 games, just 5 goals conceded, 6 wins, 4 draws, 0 defeats, 15 goals scores, 22 pts/30... 

Only Man Utd have a better points haul from those 10 games... Only Spurs and Man Utd are unbeaten in that time... No team has more clean sheets in those 10 games (5, Spurs & Man City)

In fact the next longest unbeaten run after Spurs/Man Utd's 10 games, is Arsenal with 4...

The Reading goal is still the only PL goal we have conceded in the first 15 mins of games this season. 

To those who say "we are not good enough" or "we are hanging on in games" or other similar comments, the stats don't lie... 

450 second half minutes since playing Everton, not a single time has Hugo Lloris had to turn around and pick the ball out of his net... 

In fact take that a little further... In the last 14 PL games (since the loss to Arsenal) only those 2 goals at Goodison and Andy Carroll's consolation at White Hart Lane for West Ham have been the only 3 goals we have conceded in the last 10 minutes of PL games in that time!!!

And finally, the only other PL goal conceded in that 14 game period... scored by our very own star of the moment Gareth Bale v Liverpool... does that count in Lennon's number of assists??


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