Thursday, 7 February 2013

How Many Goals Does It Take to Win A Game??

I keep hearing 1 goal is never enough for Spurs,  "we are always likely to let in one"... 4 goals conceded in the last 9 PL games, with 5 clean sheets... 

That says a team that is not likely to concede a goals... 

Granted we have gone a goal behind in the last 2 of the last 3 PL games, MU (no disgrace there) and Norwich... 

Some Numbers To emphasise the point: 

Teams conceding more than 1 goal in a game (at home) Number of Games this has occurred in this season in PL teams home games: 

Spurs: 1 
Norwich: 2 
Man City: 3 
Chelsea: 3 
Stoke: 3 
West Ham: 3 
Sunderland: 3 
Everton: 4 
Man Utd: 4 
Liverpool: 4 
Soton: 4
WBA: 4 A Villa: 5 
Swansea: 5 
Fulham: 5 
QPR: 5 
Newcastle: 6 
Reading: 7 
Arsenal: 7 
Wigan: 11 

That is the amount of times a visiting side has scored at least 2 goals this season. Arsenal, on average need to score 3 to win a home game, 7 visiting sides have scored 2 or more at the Emirates this season, Arsenal have won just 2 of those games. Chelsea the only team to visit WHL and score more than 1 goal. 

Away from home the story is thus: 

Swansea: 2 
Man City: 2 
Arsenal: 3 
Everton: 4 
Stoke: 4 
Spurs: 5 
Chelsea: 5 
Man Utd: 5 
QPR: 5 
Reading: 5 
West Ham: 6 
Norwich: 6 
Wigan: 7 
A Villa: 7 
Sunderland: 8 
WBA: 8 
Fulham: 8 
Newcastle: 8 
Liverpool: 9 
Soton: 9 

5 games we have conceded more than one away from home this season, and we have won 1, lost 4 of those games. 

So, personally, I think we are among the strongest teams defensively in the PL. Certainly in the middle third of the season, despite being without Kaboul & BAE and having a new keeper. 

Before you but we just don't score enough goals... 

I won't list all of the teams in the PL just those in the top 7, these are the amount of games the teams have scored 2 or more goals in this season, split home/away: 


Man Utd: 11 
Man City: 9 
Everton: 8
Chelsea: 7
Arsenal: 7 
Spurs: 6   
Liverpool: 5 

Arsenal and Everton have played 13 home games, the others 12.. So only AFC have scored 2 or more in a game at home once more than us this season and played one more game... 

The only game we have lost at home having scored 2+ was Chelsea.. 


Man Utd: 8 
Chelsea: 8
Man City: 7 Spurs: 7 
Everton: 6 
Liverpool: 6
Arsenal: 3

Again, the only time we have scored 2+ in a game and lost, away at Arsenal... AFC only scored 2+ away from home 3 times in 12 games, which shows in their away record. 

Unusually for us, we have been very consistent after an indifferent start, whereas our rivals Arsenal are very much "boom" or "bust" as far as scoring goals, its all or nothing...

Here's hoping for more nothings before the end of the season!!


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